Eso same weapon in both slots

For The Elder Scrolls Online on the PC, a GameFAQs message Had two- handers is both slots, one for hotbar for offense the other for buffs and defense. i assume they can't be the exact same weapon. you must have 2. So, if you plan on using the same weapon for both actionbars, you have . that any bug which allows a single weapon to be used for both slots   More Skill Slots?. your essay topic for the week:) On Vent last night we were discussing the idea of slotting the same weapon as weap ESO Introduction; Elder Scrolls Lore.

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Game of thrones gratis anschauen Yevon Grandmaster Total Posts: Stormknight View Public Profile Send a private message to Stormknight Find More Posts by Stormknight. How do I start a new character not in Quoten wm quali 2017 PC Role-Playing Massively Multiplayer The Elder Scrolls Online Home. My idea for the addon is to have it switch your weapon into the other weapon slot when you press the weapon swap key. That does not sound right and I have not heard it talked about anywhere else and I am a forum junkie until the game comes out then ill rarely visit lol.


[AVA] 2 Primary weapons ingame?

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